domenica 1 luglio 2012

Tunisien workers in Libye

Listen to this interview:

Imen Ahmed

Everyday thousands of tunisians go to libya to find job but the but thing that ther they Exposed insult by libyans assault with violence killed them sometime without reason many tunisians family they don't know if thier kids or hasbands alive or not TIRREBLE some of them come to me to make a complaint they cry cry cry they can't talk about the insult :-(( i don't like to see man cry i just listen to them I try to make them calm down :-( tunisia government keep silience they don't taken any decision and people suffers everywhere here or there :-( i'm so sad i can't do anything for them :-(( how do people live in country can not protect.

They always said that when they attacted by libyan they go to tunisia consulte but nobody hear them :-( many of them come in the in very bad situation we have to call ambulance to bring them to the hospilal.

In few days tunisian passenger come in the border he said libyan killed four persone young tunsia and three african i still wait corpse of young come in the border until now no corpse

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