sabato 24 settembre 2011

The Crown on Libya's Head

I am still carrying on with my volunteer duty towards Libya my country, I have been in Tunisia since the beginning of August, one of my main duties has been visiting and supporting our injured brave heroes that liberated our country and made Libya free, what I find hurtfull is the talk of rebuilding Libya and increasing wages and so on.... this is all good but that should not be a priority at the moment.
Many of our injured heroes are suffering in Tunisian clinics, they have been waiting a long time for the proper care they need, many of them need specialised treatment which can only be provided in western countries, help for them has been chaotic and slow at the best of time, many of them suffer from depression and understandably are feeling forgotten and neglected, I can not return back to my normal life while our people are still in need, they need all the support they can get and Libya has a duty to offer them the best medical treatmen in the world, we can afford it and it has to be done and done NOW.

I have made a slideshow of all the pictures I took in Tunis clinics, please share and make this important issue a priority, this is the least we could do
Special thanks here to the representatives of the State of Qatar who continously supported our people.


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