mercoledì 6 luglio 2011

Gaddafi and rebels hold talks in Djerba

Media sources have confirmed that negotiations have begun between representatives of the Gaddafi regime and the rebels on the island of Djerba, Tunisia.  The negotiations have seen conflicts between members of the delegation representing Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi and representatives of the Transitional National Assembly.  Col. Gaddafi has sent his daughter Aisha Gaddafi to monitor the official Libyan delegation.
The negotiations are being held in several hotels on Djerba Island, which is situated 540 kilometers south-east of Tunisia, and acts as the only escape place for the Libyan regime due to the presence of an international airport.  In a statement to a French TV station, Aisha Gaddafi,, 35, stated that her father's regime has ongoing direct and indirect negotiations with the rebels, which he initiated in order to spare Libyan lives.
Online newspaper Atouf said that: "Despite the secrecy (of the negotiations), many sources have confirmed that talks between the Libyan Regime and the opposing Transitional National Assembly in Benghazi were launched a few days ago under Russian, Tunisian and a third party from Europe, supervision. Given the response to the negotiations there has been a transition into more direct format, which explains the reason behind many ministers following the lead of the Libyan Regime and engaging in talks".
An article published by the Tunisian News Agency confirmed that the number of Libyan refugees is not the same as it was during the first few days when the Libyan crisis erupted. Wealthy and affluent families on the island have been replaced by Libyan families reaching the number of 8, 500 individuals living on aid provided by charities whether they are Tunisian or Tunisian-Libyan. In addition, a significant number of families live in subsidized houses and apartments, and  are medically insured for free treatment at both the regional Djerba Hospital in Houmt Souk or at one of the private clinics in Midoun. There are two pharmacies for their use as well.
In other developments, a press release issued by the rebels on Sunday indicated that a Tunisian plane, owned by a private sector organization, was heading towards Kiev, Ukraine to pick up 160 snipers and ensuring their safe arrival in Tripoli by land using tourist Visas. The sources said that "their arrival date in unknown but is likely to be Monday or Tuesday." The sources appealed to the Tunisian authorities to prevent the snipers from entering Libya and cooperating with Muammar Gaddafi to kill Libyan civilians.

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