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Le notizie che leggo solo io: Mahmoud Jibril e Vitalie Marinuta will visit NATO Headquarters

Visit to NATO of the Head of the Executive Body of the Transitional National Council of Libya (TNC), Dr. Mahmoud Jibril

13 Jul. 2011
Press Release: (2011) 085
Issued on: 12 Jul. 2011


The Head of the Executive Body of the TNC, Dr Mahmoud Jibril will visit NATO Headquarters on Wednesday 13 July 2011 and meet with the Secretary General, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He will also be addressing an informal meeting of the NATO Council and contributing partners to operation Unified Protector.

There will be no media opportunity. Video images and still photographs of the event will be available on the NATO website after the event.

The Minister of Defence of Moldova, Mr. Vitalie Marinuta will visit NATO Headquarters on Wednesday 13 July 2011 to address the North Atlantic Council. He will also meet the Secretary General, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

There will be no media opportunity. Video images and still photographs of the event will be available on the NATO website after the event.

Mahmoud Jibril (Arabic: محمود جبريل‎, also transcribed Jabril or Jebril or Gebril, (born 1952) is a Libyanpolitician who, since 23 March 2011, is the current Prime Minister of the Libyan Republic, one of two entities currently disputing control of Libya. He is also Chairman of the Executive Board of the National Transitional Council. His government has been recognized as the "sole legitimate representative" of Libya by France, The United Kingdom and Qatar among others, but, at the current time, recognition has not been given by the great majority of United Nations member states.

Jibril graduated in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University in 1975, then earned a masters in political science in 1980 and a doctorate in political science in 1985, both from the University of Pittsburgh. He taught strategic planning at Pittsburgh for several years, and has published 10 books on strategic planning and decision-making, including Imagery and Ideology in U.S. Policy Toward Libya, 1969–1982.

Jibril led the team who drafted and formed the Unified Arab Training manual. He was also responsible for organizing and administering the first two Training conferences in the Arab world in the years 1987 and 1988. He later took over the management and administration of many of the leaders’ training programs for senior management in Arab countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Britain.

Since 2007 he has served in the Gheddafi regime as head of Nedb (National Economic Development Board), where he promoted privatization and liberalization policies.

On 23 March 2011, the National Transitional Council officially formed a transitional government and he was officially appointed as Interim Prime Minister. Jebril is known to be leading the meeting and negotiations with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a meeting that resulted in France officially recognizing the National Transitional Council as the sole representative of the Libyan people.

Vitalie Marinuta

LLC “MARI GRUP”, Republic of Moldova, 2007 – present.

Chief International Organizations and Euro-Atlantic Integration Section, Ministry of Defense, Moldova, Aug 2006 - Jul 2007 Planned and organized activities for International cooperation of the MOD with UN, NATO, OSCE, ODED-GUAM, CIS, RACVIAC, NAMSA and other international organizations and initiatives (Administration, budget planning, translation and interpretation, maintaining and updating the databases; Developing appropriate policies, programs, concepts, strategies, planning - activities, projects and controlling their implementation). Organized international trips/visits for National Army officials and guests. Participated and represented Moldova on many International and regional conferences on security issues in the country and abroad.

Strategy & policy planner, United States CENTCOM, Tampa, Florida, Jul 2005 - Jul 2006; Maintained up-to-date database of events related to political, military and economical issues in the US CENTCOM AOR in general and in particular as they affect the Arabian Peninsula; developed long term assessments, discussion papers, information briefings and lectures.

Senior Policy Analysis and Planning Specialist, National Army General Staff, Chisinau, Moldova, July 2004 - July 2005. Participated in the development of strategies at the national and ministerial levels (including studies and research in the field of security; organization and development of national and international Seminars/Trainings, Conferences Round Tables,Workshops); monitored the events and actions that affected National Security.

Peacekeeping Battalion Commander, Ministry of Defence, Chisinau, Moldova, Oct 2000 –Dec 2002. Provided guidance and direction; delegated responsibilities to commanders and staff to execute assigned missions; built an effective chain of command and developed a positive command climate; selected and trained national contingents for participation in multinational peacekeeping FTX and CPX; led by example; directed and supervised long - range planning and accomplishment of major events and activities;

Special forces (SF) officer (platoon leader, company commander, chief of staff and deputy battalion commander), Ministry of Defense, Chisinau, Moldova, July 1992– Jan 1999. As SF officer managed staff functions to include personnel and administration, operations, logistical activities, and resource management; was responsible for training, discipline, administration and care of soldiers and for everything the platoon/company did or failed to do.

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