martedì 26 luglio 2011

Kuwait provides aid to Libyan refugees

TATAOUINE: A delegation of the Kuwaiti joint committee for relief aid yesterday participated in distributing aid to Libyan refugees living in makeshift camps in Tunisia's border areas. Delegation head Abdulrahman Terkait told KUNA that the distributed aid included food, medicine and baby milk. "This aid is meant to help alleviate the suffering of these refugees and provide them with some of their basic needs," he said.
Al-Terkait said the aid brought smiles to the grim faces of some of the 7,000 Libyan families who fled their homes fearing violence since the start of the unrest. The Libyan officials working in the field of relief and many of the refugees expressed deep gratitude and appreciation to the Kuwaiti leadership and people for supporting them in their plight.
Al-Terkait reiterated that the State of Kuwait is keen to support those affected by wars and disasters worldwide and provide them with aid. The delegation, which included Al-Terkait, who is representing the Zakat House, as well as Ahmed Azmi and Jarrah Al-Suet, arrived here earlier to provide aid worth $250,000 to refugees in south Tunisia.
This aid was distributed under the supervision of the Embassy of Kuwait in Tunisia and the joint relief committee, in cooperation and coordination with local and international relief organizations, particularly the Tunisia Red Crescent Society's relief committee and the Libyan relief organization operating here.

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