domenica 21 agosto 2011

20.08: Seif al-Islam

TRIPOLI, Aug 21 – Moamer Gadhafi’s son Seif al-Islam said in a speech aired Sunday that the regime would not “abandon the fight,” as rebels closed in on Tripoli and there was fighting and explosions in the city.
“We have a long breath. We are in our land and in our country. We will resist for six months, one year, two years … and we will win,” he said in the speech broadcast on state television, which said it was made a day earlier.
“We will not submit, we will not abandon the fight,” he said. “This is not the decision of Seif al-Islam or Kadhafi but the decision of the Libyan people.
He said the Kadhafi family “has paid the price, like all Libyans,” and urged rebels to launch talks, saying: “If you want peace, we are ready.”
Four strong explosions rocked the centre of Tripoli early Sunday. Witnesses also reported clashes in several quarters between insurgents and Kadhafi supporters.

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