domenica 21 agosto 2011

ore 19:52 Muammar Gaddafi's audio message

Quotes from Muammar Gaddafi's audio message via Libya TV:
March towards Tajourah in the thousands now -- now, now, you must march towards Tajourah in the thousands.
A quarter million must go there, or half a million from Tripoli must march towards Tajourah and the Friday Market to cleanse them of the agents of the colonial conspirators."
I am with you in this battle, I am among you now, I am there with my weapon. We shall not give up. We shall never give up Tripoli to the colonialists or traitors.
I am forced to say this because I am afraid that Tripoli will burn if you leave them -- Tripoli would fall in ruins and it would be destroyed. Tripoli would be left without water, electricity, no broadcast stations, without freedom and you would live in fear.
They will kill you and violate your households. I am afraid if you do not get rid of them in Tajourah, what is happening there will happen all over Tripoli. These people don't care if Libya burns or not.
You possess all sorts of weapons. Those of you without a weapon should come and receive a weapon. All the weapons depots must open and the masses must be armed. Thousands must receive weapons now. Open the depots. I give the order to open the depots to arm the masses.
I am with you now, I am with you in Tripoli. There shall be no retreat - we will not retreat until the last inch of land we want to liberate.

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