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Nato must extend stay: NTC

Mustafa Abdul Jalil

August 30, 2011

DOHA: Libya’s National Transitional Council has urged Nato to continue with its presence in the country saying that it fears that a defiant Colonel Muammar Ghadafi might do something unexpected.

Nato is mandated by the UN Security Council to stay in Libya until September 27.

Addressing a meeting of chiefs of staff of the armed forces of the countries that participated in anti-Gaddafi military operations in Libya, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, NTC Chairman, said yesterday that thanks to Nato large-scale massacre of civilians in his country was avoided.

"Libyan rebels couldn’t have achieved victory without the support of Nato and international alliance forces," Jalil said.

The rebels were no match for Ghadafi’s forces since he had massive wealth and military might, he added.

In the nearly 10,000 air strikes and 5,000 military assaults no civilian casualties were reported since the people were informed in advance about these strikes, the NTC chief noted. The meeting was held to discuss the current situation in Libya after the end of Gaddafi’s rule. Nato was represented at the meet.

Major general Hamad bin Ali al Attiya, chief of staff of Qatari armed forces, the Libyan Minister of Defense Jalal al Digheily and the representative of Libyan rebels, Abdul Hakim Belhaj, were in attendance.

The meeting discussed Nato’s views and position on the ongoing events in Libya and the general military situation in the country.

Major-General Hamad bin Ali al Attiyah, also said that Nato’s stay in Libya was needed.

"The ongoing developments and field indicators in Libya require the Nato to provide military and security support to the Libyan people to protect and maintain his surprising achievements. Military and security efforts should coincide to normalize the life of Libyans," he added.

Speech of Jalal al Digheily, the Libyan Minister of Defense, thanked Qatar, Emirates, Jordan and Sudan for providing support to the rebels.

"War is still going on to defeat Gaddafi, his sons and aides and the sleeper cells, the so called "revolutionary committees", and the fifth column," he said.

"We are still in need of the Nato’s logistic and military support to achieve our goals," he said.

Admiral Samuel Le Claire, commander of the Nato military operations in Libya, congratulated the NTC.

"We effectively conducted 23,000 flights and destroyed 5,000 military targets in Libya. Nato forces participated in field operations which were accurately led round the clock and the week," he said.

"We are committed and authorized to continue the military operation till September 27, 2011. We hope the vision will be obvious during the upcoming weeks and we will discuss the suitable ways to support Libya after the end of military operation," he said.
Fonte: the Peninsula, Qatar

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