sabato 27 agosto 2011

Increase in number of wounded people arriving in Tataouine from Tripoli

TATAOUINE (TAP) - The number of wounded people arriving at the border with Libya has increased in recent days, noted TAP correspondent in the region of Tataouine.

Thirty two wounded people arrived at the military hospital of Dhehiba between Wednesday and Thursday.
The latest developments in Libya are behind the significant increase in the number of the injured from the Libyan capital, said doctor Colonel Mohamed Soussi.
He added that many of them took Saharan tracks before the closure of the border crossing of Ras Jedir, which is currently under the control of forces loyal to Gaddafi.
The situation at the regional hospital of Tataouine is more difficult than ever this week.
The lack of surgeons and emergency physicians turned the hospital into a transit point to different private hospitals of Sfax.

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