lunedì 8 agosto 2011

8 agosto 2011: Londra insorge

Immagini da Londra:

Hundreds of angry protesters gathered near Tottenham police station in north London on Saturday evening demanding justice for the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man during an apparent exchange of gunfire with police officers on Thursday. As riot police were brought into the area, crowds torched two patrol cars, a bus and a shop outside the police station on the High Road in Tottenham, smashing up shop windows.

In 1985, similar protests and subsequent riots happened in Tottenham after a woman died during a police search of her home.
1) Police officers wearing riot gear stand in a street in Tottenham, north London [Stefan Wermuth/Reuters]

2) A double decker bus burns as riot police try to contain a large group of people [Leon Neal/AFP]

3) A shop and police car burn in Tottenham [Leon Neal/AFP]

4) A man stands in front of police officers wearing riot gear in Tottenham [Stefan Wermuth/Reuters]

5) A shop burns on a main road in Tottenham [Leon Neal/AFP]

6) A woman walks through the debris with two children on a main road in Tottenham [Leon Neal/AFP]

7) A damaged travel agency in Tottenham [Stefan Wermuth/Reuters]

8) An advertising poster for a bookmaker is seen through smashed glass on High Road in Tottenham the day after protests [Leon Neal/AFP]

9) Police gather outside a damaged branch of Barclays bank on High Road in Tottenham [Leon Neal/AFP]

10) Local residents discuss the previous night's events as they stand next to a destroyed shop on High Road in Tottenham [Leon Neal/AFP]

11) A boy cycles past a burnt-out police car on High Road in Tottenham [Leon Neal/AFP]

12) Firefighters spray the smouldering remains of a burnt-out shop on High Road in Tottenham [Leon Neal/AFP]

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