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Roundup of Mathaba Reports From Tripoli on Tuesday 23rd

Khamis Qadhafi is alive and leading the clean up in Tripoli.  Mohammed Gaddafi is reported free, from all sources.

As for brother Saif Al Islam he is safe and leading the fight, but also took time to talk to foreign media to prove he is not captured.
He was to give a press conference at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli at 11.30pm but either changed his mind, as taking part in defence is more important at this stage than talking to foreign media. 
He did tell media that he had been travelling around Tripoli in an armuored convoy the whole time, that the Libyan Defence Forces had broken the backbone of the rebel forces in Tripoli Libya and that word of his detention was a trick by the rebels.

Saif Al Islam said: "Gaddafi is in Tripoli.  He is alive and well and we are winning. The rebels have been lured into a trap and we will crush them.

All the children of Kadhafi are free and are now fighting. The lying foreign media had claimed they were all dead then claimed they were detained and are now trying to save face by saying they escaped. They were never captured in the first place, all tricks.

Sister Aisha Qadhafi was shown driving around with friends, challenging the rats.

The terrorist rebels (tebels) are very small groups which want to make trouble here and there and then flee.  But the Western and Arabic chanels exaggerate in order to attempt to make people afraid.

The brother leader delivered a speech to the heroic Libyan people and said that his children are all good and urged people not to  listen to the "paid channels".

Libyan Media

Media staff that had been claimed by rebels during the fake news offensive, Ms. Hala Misrati, Dr Yousef Shakeer, Dr Hamza, and Hanaa Shibani are safe and in perfect health. God is great.

All the foreign corporate media with the exception of Russia TV and Telesur are criminally insane. Almost nothing they report is true. We've been looking at their broadcasts all day, watching programmes, reading on-line newspapers. It's insane. All lies. Mad World.

It is as if they are talking about a different Tripoli, perhaps the one in Lebanon, and they are using the fake studio set in Qatar which shows several faults, thus Jazeera has yet again been shown to be creating fake news. Why does western media continue to quote Jazeera when they know this, so they too are complicit in keeping their populations misinformed while world war 3 unfolds.

Dr Mousa Ibrahim gave a press conference today Tuesday, with the following key points:

  • The Libyan people resist and fight for their beloved Tripoli, the capital of Libya.
  • Libyan channel broadcasting equipment was bombed and also the radio broadcasting equipment.
  • The Leader is safe and his sons are safe and all the leaders of Libya are safe (he mentioned various tribal leaders and army leaders and ministers). 
  • Leader and sons of the leader are leading the armed struggle
  • We fight in both fronts in the military front and we also fight to meet the citizens' daily needs, because the armed gangs are making people's lives difficult.
  • We want to pay tribute to the brave young mujahiddeen of Tarhouna, Bani walid, Zliten, al Maghraga, Sebha and five points and... ( additional places and tribes mentioned), that came to defend their capital and helped the Libyan army to restore control of the city.
  • The situation in Tripoli is under control. 80 per cent of Tripoli is firmly controlled, meaning that the other 20 per cent is controlled, but clashes still occured in some places.
  • We thank the people of Tripoli that took control and secured their neighbourhoods in order that no armed gangs will penetrate, for example, Abu Saleem.
  • The situation in Tripoli will be back to normal in 3-4 days maximum.
  • We urge the people of Tripoli to come out of their homes and confront the armed gangs which have as their only purpose looting and which display a complete lack of organization.
  • Last night and today a big number of armed gangs was killed and this makes me sad because [many of them] are Libyans but they chose their way. They betrayed Libya and they killed the Libyan people while Sarkozy and the Emir of Qatar and Obama are living with their riches and safety outside Libya.
  • When we refer to Crusaders we don't mean Christians in general. We refer to the racist people that are after the riches of Libya and although they had been defeated, they didn't want dialogue but they wanted to destroy Libya.
  • What is happening in Libya is to steal Libyan oil for Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama
  • Free people are still fighting
  • Libyan TV has been destroyed by NATO
  • AL RAY TV (Iraqi TV in Tripoli) will continue to spread the truth because we don't have another TV for the moment
  • Al Gaddafi the leader and all his sons are fine
  • This brutal attack on Libya will end with a major victory for us and it's time to defend Libya and we thank thousands of free people and tribes that are fighting in Libya
  • Even that NATO rebels are defended by NATO we will still defeat them
  • Tripoli now is better and 80% of the city is under the Libyan forces' control
  • Today we destroyed full groups of NATO rebels
  • We will bury NATO in Tripoli and Sarkozi and Obama and Cameron will be watching us do that
  • All what some media are saying are lies
  • He started laughing about NATO lies that they captured Seif al Islam and he assured that he's fine and all the military leadership is fine.
NATO Crimes

At the outset NATO intervened in the telecommunications and inserted text messages that were received on all handsets falsely claiming that there was a new "government" of the tebels.

At the same time all Libyan news sites and media were attacked and shut down but Mathaba prevailed due to our strong security systems.

NATO may have fired rockets at the Russian Embassy in Tripoli bringing world war III closer, though confirmation is required of this.

Several residences were hit by NATO bombs with no survivors.

The Libyan television continues its broadcasting at first there was only sound without images because of disturbance caused by NATO jammers.

Leader Qaddafi

The leader is urging all friends of Libya to remain confident and optimistic because when you are on the side of Truth, then you are with Allah (The God). And if God is with you, who can be against you?

Military Situation

The rats under the cover of NATO tried to land in Zuwarah with more than 50 dead and others injured. The Libyan army is holding the coastal road to cut the possibility of rats to retreat from tripoli or to bring new forces in there.
The rats also tried to attack Brega once again and were crushed by the valiant army.
We also want to congratulate the son of Brigadier General Abdullah al Sennousi and the son of the artist Ali Al Kilani that fell as martyrs while defending their homeland. Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajayoon, i.e., from The God we come and to Him we must return.
The trap was laid to move the fifth columnist traitors from the capital city, and it worked. Bodies of the rats are now everywhere and Mathaba coordinator witnesses Qatari bodies among them.

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